Decide on the content you wish to post. Select the words as well as the message you wish to spread so that users will recommend your tweet, unless they find the content aggressive, out of place, etc.. You can thus obtain a wider range of viewing of your tweet.

Avoid aggressive content, links to web spam, sexual content, or any content that might bring about doubts to users who may wish to publish your information.

I don’t accept negotiations:

You can indicate that your post “does not accept negotiations” which is why user(s) wishing to publish your tweet will not be allowed to change any of the content.

If you accept negotiations, you’ll be able to use the chat to contact the users who are going to publish your tweet and then agree to the modifications of the tweet content.

Schedule time:

You can program the date and time upon which you would like another user to publish your tweet.

The other user doesn’t have to post it on your scheduled time. Once accepted for publication, the tweet will be published automatically. You won’t have to wait for a particular time or worry about whether they will publish it for you or not.


We call the follow-up action for a published tweet a "campaign". In this format, you’ll be able to give a name to your campaign and control all the content that you generate.

Within the “tweets” section, you can sort or filter all your messages by giving a title to each campaign.


You can search for users in by different types of references:

  • Categories: Select the category in which you want to publicise your messages.
  • Favourites: List all the users you’ve marked as Favourites.
    From the list of users or the “tweets” section, you’ll be able to identify and indicate the users you select as “Favourites”.
  • Search: Please enter the name of the user you wish to find.
  • Selected users: To disseminate your tweet, you must select the users who you want to publish your message for you by category, number of followers or name.