Recomienda en Twitter con Nubrec

The first website where you can advertise, recommend , post , publicize , and share ,the information you decide with other users, for free using for it your pointsobtained with your Twitter followers.

Each follower equals one point.

Get thousands of people know your message through their friends.

Get points recommended tweets from other users.

Post your Tweets on other accounts with points earned.

In will find the tool perfect for a simple way, to present and recommend events,concerts, sports, etc ... With nubrec.comrecommends your website, the website of a family member or friend, your weekend match, invites everyone to know your city, promoting a charity event,discloses a new music group, etc... Everythingyou think that could be openly communicated to others. is the most directand simple way let you know or promote yourself in Internet for free. You can select by categoryor number of users who want to publish your tweets andthus communication will be more satisfactoryand profitable intended to treat as equals to all users, evolving the traditional system of sharing and developing a system to benefit fromSimilarly, both the people who want to give out his tweet, as the person who publishes it.

The days in which to present your website or promote an event, the only solution was to leave annoying comments on blogs or forums without consent (SPAM). From you can promote yourself and get thousands of people read your message through their friends as a recommendation.

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Acortador de URLs, herramientas de Twitter

Acortador de URLs

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Programa tus tweets, herramienta de Twitter

Programador de Tweets

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Histórico de seguidores, herramienta de Twitter

Histórico de seguidores

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