LBLaction Tech Solutions, by means of these General Contract Conditions, hereafter referred to as the CONDITIONS, protects the legitimate interests of consumers and users that make use of the services provided through its portal, (hereafter, the WEBSITE).
The use of the Services and Channels on the WEBSITE is subject to notices and instructions that are made known to the USER by LBLaction Tech Solutions


I.1. Contract rules

This contract constitutes the General Contract Conditions for the Services provided by the, the subject and other conditions for which shall be set out below. For the subscription and registration for the services provided by the to be effective, it is necessary to READ and COMPLETE the subscription form.

These CONDITIONS are subject to the stipulations of Law 7/1998, from 13 April, concerning General Contract Conditions (B.O.E 14-4-1998), in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, from 16 November, through which the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users and other complementary laws (B.O.E 30-11-2007) are approved, in Royal Decree1906/1999, from 17 December 1999, which regulates Contracts by Telephone and Electronic Means, with general conditions described in Article 5.3 of Law 7/1998, from 13 April 1998, regarding General Contract Conditions, Organic Law 15/1999, from 13 December, concerning the Protection of Personal Information, Law 7/1996, from 15 January, with regard to Retail Commerce Standards and other provisions in force.

I.2. Subject matter of the contract.

This contract is intended to regulate the general conditions for the services provided by through its WEBSITE.

I.3. Contracting parties.

LBLaction Tech Solutions is a company whose main activity consists of developing websites to create games based on sport competitions, as well as their marketing through all appropriate means, having the sufficient means and authorization for this purpose through its website

The CONSUMER (end recipient) and USER (service recipient) are understood to be any person (individual or legal entity) that acquires, uses or enjoys the benefits of any of the SERVICES specified on the WEBSITE. This party is hereafter referred to as the USER.


II.1. Registration for services. Subscription.

As part of the registration procedure for the SERVICES provided by on its WEBSITE, which require subscription, it is necessary to collect personal information that the USER shall provide freely and voluntarily and made effective on the Subscription Form, for which purpose the USER declares that all the information provided at the time of registration is truthful, complete and accurate. All personal information shall be handled as described in Section II.3 of these CONDITIONS and Organic Law 15/1999, from 13 December 1999, regarding the Protection of Personal Information.
In the event that it becomes necessary for LBLaction Tech Solutions to provide personal information about the USER to third parties, the USER shall be notified and requested to provide prior express permission for this transfer, indicating the identity of the transferee and the purpose of the transfer.
In all cases, the information about the USER shall be revealed on demand by competent administrative authorities or by judicial mandate.

The USER declares that all information provided is correct, at that he/she knows and accepts the CONDITIONS in their entirety, which shall govern their relationship with LBLaction Tech Solutions once the contract is formalized.

The USER must accept the CONDITIONS in order to initiate the registration process.

II.2. Access Codes.

The USER shall select and indicate his or her own Access Codes (user name, "log" and password, "password"), but may not select as "login" words, expressions or graphic-name combinations that involve foul language, are offensive, are the same as brand names, trademarks, business signs, corporate names, advertising expressions, names or pseudonyms of important public figures or famous people whose use is unauthorized, and in general, that are illegal or go against generally accepted requirements for moral and decent behavior.

The user name (login) is automatically assigned at the USER's choice. In the event that the requested codes have already been reserved, the USER must enter new access codes.

The USER promises to make diligent use of the Access Codes, not to make them available to third parties and to notify THE of the loss or theft of Access Codes or possible access to them by a third party.

II.3. User personal information.

II.3.1. Protection, collection and automated processing of personal information.

The personal information provided by the USER is confidential and protected according to Organic Law 15/1999, from 13 December 1999, regarding the Protection of Personal Information, Royal Decree 994/1999, from 11 June, through which the Regulations concerning security measures for automated files containing personal information are approved and all other provisions in force.

LBLaction Tech Solutions informs its USERS about its Personal Information Protection Policies so that the USERS can freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide their personal information using the electronic form that is linked to this document. The answers to questions about personal information that are indicated on the Subscription form with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

LBLaction Tech Solutions has adopted the legally required security levels for the protection of personal information, and has installed all the technical means and measures within its power to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal information provided. Nonetheless, the USER should be aware that the security measures on the Internet are not invulnerable.

LBLaction Tech Solutions reserves the right to modify these CONDITIONS in order to adapt them to new developments or legislative requirements and case law, as well as industry practices, keeping in mind the legitimate interests of the consumer or user at all times.

The personal information collected shall be subjected to automated processing and included in the corresponding automated files by LBLaction Tech Solutions, with registered address at Polígono Noáin-Esquiroz, Calle O, N2, P3, Of.5 31110 Noáin/Navarre - Spain

II.3.2. Purpose of the collection and automated processing of personal information.

The collection and automated processing of personal information, as the result of browsing the WEBSITE, of queries, requests or the contracting of any service(s) provided by LBLaction Tech Solutions, has the purpose of providing the USER with a personalized Internet experience on LBLaction Tech Solutions websites, the maintenance of the contractual relationship established between the two parties, and the management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of the services to which the USER decides to subscribe, register or use, and the adaptation of these services to the preferences and tastes of the USERS.
Likewise, they serve to perform quantitative and qualitative studies of the visits and the use of services by the USERS, to design new services related to those provided at and update existing ones, and to send technical, operational and commercial information about the services provided by

In no case shall personal information from the USERS be used for purposes other than those described in these CONDITIONS, unless prior warning of such is posted on the WEBSITE and the USERS are given a reasonable period of time to present their objections.
The purpose of the collection and automated processing of personal information from the USERS also includes the sending of advertising, information related to specific parameters selected by the USER on the Subscription Form and survey forms, sent by email by both LBLaction Tech Solutions and collaborators on their WEBSITE.

The USER is under no obligation to receive the aforementioned advertising and information or to respond to surveys, and must indicate this preference on the Subscription Form for services provided by LBLaction Tech Solutions, or by notification sent to the email address, or sent by the postal service to LBLaction Tech Solutions, Polígono Noáin-Esquiroz, Calle O, N2, P3, Of.5 31110 Noáin/Navarre - Spain, in the latter case, accompanied by a copy of his or her Spanish Identification Card or any other legally valid means that would permit accreditation of his or her identity.

With regard to the sending of advertising, information and survey forms by email, LBLaction Tech Solutions acts as an intermediary in the event that this information is sent by a third party.

II.3.3.Users' Rights with regard to their personal information.

USERS have recognized rights which they may exercise with regard to access, cancellation, rectification and objection to the processing, use and transfer of their information by notification sent to LBLaction Tech Solutions at their email address, or by the postal service to Polígono Noáin-Esquiroz, Calle O, N2, P3, Of.5 31110 Noáin/Navarre - Spain, accompanied in this case by a copy of their Spanish identification card or any other legally valid method that permits accrediting their identity.

In this request, the USER must state:

Likewise, USERS have the recognized right to be informed of the purposes for which the use of their information is authorized, and, upon prior consent from the USER, of any transfers of their information by LBLaction Tech Solutions to third parties, companies or collaborators of the

II.3.4.Transfer of the Users' personal information to third parties.

LBLaction Tech Solutions shall not transfer personal information from the USERS that is collected through their WEBSITE to third parties without express consent from the USER. Furthermore, LBLaction Tech Solutions shall previously offer the USER the opportunity to accept or reject this transfer.
LBLaction Tech Solutions shall expressly inform the USER of the transfer of his or her personal information to third parties, indicating the identity of the transferees and the purpose for which the personal information is being transferred.

II.3.5.Use of cookies. may use cookies when a USER browses its sites and web pages that form part of the WEBSITE. The cookies used by are only associated with an anonymous USER and his or her computer, and do not by themselves provide the USER's name or surname(s). Thanks to these cookies, it is possible for to recognize USERS once they have registered for the first time, without the need for them to register before each visit in order to access the areas and services that are reserved exclusively for them. The cookies used cannot read information on their hard disk or read cookie files created by other service providers. encodes the identifying information about the USER for greater security.

USERS have the option of configuring their browsers so that they are notified on screen when cookies are received and may choose to prevent them from being installed on their hard disk. For further information, please consult the instructions and manuals for your browser. To use the WEBSITE, it is not necessary for the USER to permit the installation of the cookies sent by, however, in this case, the User must register for each of the services that requires prior registration.
Similarly, our web servers automatically detect IP addresses and the domain name used by the user. All this information is recorded in an activity file on the server, which permits later processing of information in order to obtain statistical measurements that enable us to know the number of times a page has been printed, the number of visits made to our web services, etc.

II.4. Service provision.

II.4.1. Services.

Some of the services accessible to USERS on the WEBSITE and provided by are free, and require no compensation whatsoever from the USER for their use. However, the use of some WEBSITE services is only available through USER subscription or registration.

For paid services, USERS must complete a specific form that establishes the conditions for use of these services and which is specified in the corresponding Special Conditions set out for the services for which they are considered necessary.

LBLaction Tech Solutions reserves the right to modify the conditions for the services at any time, with no advanced notice, including their status as free services.
However, USERS may use the WEBSITE to access services provided by collaborators of LBLaction Tech Solutions, who in turn may have their own general contract conditions that specify whether these services are free or paid.

II.4.2. Method of service provision.

USERS may contract one or more services specified on the WEBSITE. This contracting may occur at any time during the current contract period, upon prior acceptance by the USER of the conditions set out in the contract.

The provision of these services is governed by the CONDITIONS established in this contract and, if applicable, in the corresponding Special Conditions set out for the services for which they are required. This provision is based on the USER contracting any of the services provided, and accepting the corresponding Special Conditions set out for the services for which this is specified on the WEBSITE.

The service provided is personal and non-transferable.
The use the WEBSITE USERS make of the content they publish or send by chat programs, email or post on the forum is not governed by the corresponding Special Conditions set out for the services which directly specify this.
The content of the web pages the USERS access through the search service is not governed by the corresponding Special Conditions set out for the services that specify this, and therefore their content may vary at a later date without our knowledge; no responsibility is assumed for this change in any case.

II.5. Appropriate use of Services and the WEBSITE.

USERS promise to use the Services, Channels and all WEBSITE contents in accordance with these CONDITIONS, the law, generally accepted morals and decency and public order.
USERS are prohibited from using the WEBSITE Services and Channels or their contents for purposes or objectives that are illicit, go against the stipulations of these CONDITIONS, harm the rights and interests of third parties or that may, in any form, damage, render ineffective, overload or deteriorate the WEBSITE Services and Channels and their contents or impede their normal use and enjoyment on behalf of the USERS.
USERS promise to refrain from:

In the event that a USER engages in any of the activities described above, he or she shall be immediately expelled from the Services and Channels for which he or she was subscribed. This notwithstanding, LBLaction Tech Solutions reserves the right in this case to apply the stipulations in Condition VIII.

II.6. Prohibition against reselling the service.

USERS are forbidden from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, reselling or exploiting for commercial purposes any section of the WEBSITE belonging to LBLaction Tech Solutions, its use or access.

II.7. Subscription cancellation.

To cancel a USER subscription, indicate this wish expressly on the page created for this purpose or send an email to:

The deregistration will take effect within a maximum period of one week following the date the request is received.


Certain services provided to the USERS may contain their own General Contract Conditions, such as in the case of services provided by COLLABORATORS of LBLaction Tech Solutions through their WEBSITE. Prior to using these services, USERS must carefully read the corresponding Contract Conditions, and in the event that USERS are requested to provide personal information, they must inform themselves about how they will be processed.
LBLaction Tech Solutions is free of any type of liability that may be derived from the use of the services provided on its WEBSITE.


The texts and graphic elements that form part of the WEBSITE and that are disseminated by it, as well as their representation and arrangement, are either the exclusive property of LBLaction Tech Solutions or are used as the result of the exploitation rights to them that this party has obtained through agreements with third parties. In this sense, they constitute protected works, and as such are protected by a set of Spanish and Community regulations in the area of intellectual property, and are also protected by international treaties that are subscribed to in this regard.

LBLaction Tech Solutions grants no license or authorization for use with regard to its industrial and intellectual property rights or any property or other right related to its WEBSITE, except in the case of express agreements made with third parties.

USERS may reproduce WEBSITE contents for the sole purpose of saving them, making back-up copies or printing paper copies.
Notwithstanding what has been stated above, any reproduction or representation, even in partial form, of content from this WEBSITE or any of its elements for commercial purposes or uses that go beyond those that are mentioned is prohibited unless it is expressly authorized in writing by LBLaction Tech Solutions or its COLLABORATORS, if appropriate. Failure to comply with the stipulations above will grant LBLaction Tech Solutions the power to pursue pertinent legal actions.

Also prohibited are:

LBLaction Tech Solutions must, in all cases, authorize the establishment of hypertext links (hyperlinks) on other WEBSITES directed to the homepage of LBLaction Tech Solutions, whose URL address is or any other internal page belonging to it, and the corresponding pages must appear in a full window and under its respective addresses.

Any rights not expressly granted above are reserved for LBLaction Tech Solutions or third party collaborators, if applicable.

All brand names, trademarks or distinctive symbols, logos, symbols, mixed trademarks (word+logo), figurative or nominative symbols that appear on this WEBSITE either belong to LBLaction Tech Solutions, or it holds the corresponding licenses for their use.


V.1. Liability disclaimer on behalf of LBLaction Tech Solutions.

LBLaction Tech Solutions assumes no liability for the contents of the web pages that the USERS access though the Search engine service, which is not controlled by LBLaction Tech Solutions

LBLaction Tech Solutions is not liable for the access to contents provided by USERS through its Search engine or for any contents published by its USERS while using the remaining services described here, in particular any use that USERS make of email that is illegal, immoral or goes against public order, that infringes upon intellectual or industrial property rights or that contains any error, defect, computer virus or similar software routine.

LBLaction Tech Solutions assumes no responsibility for damage of any kind due to:

V.2. USER Liability.

The USER is the sole and exclusive party responsible for his or her identification when accessing the service. This identification consists of an access code (password) and a user name (login). The consequences derived from use by third parties, misuse, lost or forgotten user secret access codes - passwords - or user names is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the USER.

The USER is the sole and exclusive party responsible for his or her own use of the WEBSITE and services, and aware of this, he/she voluntarily accepts this responsibility.


LBLaction Tech Solutions provides certain specific services through its WEBSITE which, due to their special nature, are subject to separate General Contract Conditions (hereafter, SPECIAL CONDITIONS) that govern the provision of these services.

The provisions in these CONDITIONS complete what has been set out in the SPECIAL CONDITIONS in so far as they do not contradict them.

The objective of the SPECIAL CONDITIONS is to govern the provision of services (games or promotions, the sale of products, etc.) and their use by the USERS.

LBLaction Tech Solutions assumes no responsibility for any damage derived from the provision of the services that are subject to SPECIAL CONDITIONS or the lack of availability of the SERVICE as the result of problems of a technical nature not attributable to the WEBSITE or LBLaction Tech Solutions


The contract shall be considered valid as of the date the USER expresses his or her agreement with the CONDITIONS, by providing the requested information when completing the subscription form found on the WEBSITE.


The CONDITIONS may undergo changes which shall be communicated to the USERS by means of publication on the WEBSITE. An express lack of communication by the USER, in which he or she states his or her intent to terminate the contract, shall imply acceptance of the new conditions, which shall be applied as of the date on which the contract is to be renewed.

The modification or cancellation of one or more agreements in this contract does not imply the cancellation of the remaining agreements or the annulment of the contractual relationship with the USERS.


LBLaction Tech Solutions may terminate the contract ahead of time and with no need for advanced notice, denying or removing access to the WEBSITE, services or contents, to those USERS who fail to comply with these CONDITIONS.

When a Judicial or Administrative Order is issued that requires LBLaction Tech Solutions to cease the provision of the service to the USER.


The WEBSITE service provision has an indefinite duration. Nonetheless, LBLaction Tech Solutions is authorized to terminate or suspend the WEBSITE service provision and/or any of the Services at any time, notwithstanding what may have been set out in this regard in the corresponding CONDITIONS. When reasonably possible, LBLaction Tech Solutions shall provide advanced notice of the termination or suspension of the WEBSITE service provision.


These CONDITIONS are governed by Spanish law. LBLaction Tech Solutions and the USER submit any dispute that might arise from the service provision that is the subject of these CONDITIONS to the Courts and Tribunals in the USER's city.
In the event that the USER lives outside Spain, LBLaction Tech Solutions and the USER submit to the Courts and Tribunals in the city of Madrid (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

For suggestions or collaboration proposals, please send us an email to